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Our Services

We specialize in wholesale trade and distribution of our SOLDIERTALK brand of bags, souvenirs and equipment. We can also provide customization services of bags, equipment and souvenirs for customers.

A full list of services are listed below.

- Ecommerce website tailored for individual consumers (website)

- Local / Overseas packing list for NSmen / NSFs (upcoming)

- Customized design and production of bags, equipment and souvenirs (subjected to MOQ)

  (Example: Bags, Caps, Sunglasses, Bottles etc)

- Production of Morale/ ILBV Patches (Embroidery / Rubber)

-  Engraving of metallic plates for Plagues / Display cases


For local SAF personnel, we are able to customized bags and equipment with the current Army / Navy / Airforce Pixeliated material and we are also GEBIZ registered.