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About Us

D & G Marketing Pte Ltd was formed in 1982 and we currently specialize in import and wholesale of Military and Outdoor themed products, accessories and customized souvenirs.

We are one of the most established suppliers for military items in Singapore. Most of our Military and Outdoor products are produced under a single manufacturer and then subsequently imported into Singapore. This allows us to set strict manufacturing standards in order to maintain the quality of our goods. We also cater to customers looking for specific made-to-order or customized items to suit their corporate or military requirements.

For the past 6 years, D & G Marketing Pte Ltd is the Sword Case supplier of choice for officers and cadets from Officer Cadet School (OCS). We are the pioneers of the Officer Sword Case in Singapore. We are working with skilled craftsmen to produce superior Sword Cases which our Officer Cadets and Officers deserve. The sword cases produced by D & G Marketing are of made of premium MDF and are built to last. We take pride in our quality and we will always inspect our goods before sending them out for delivery to ensure that our customers receive their sword cases without any incident. We also stock beautiful hand-embroidered sword cases shield badge which can be displayed within our professionally crafted sword cases.

We aim to provide value for money for our goods and services for all of our customers.

Marketing Outlets
At present, we are working very closely with all local Military camps, Gift shops and Quarter master departments and are supporting them closely with our ex-stock as well as specific made to order equipment and goods.

We are also wholesaling our products to most of the military mini marts and canteens in Singapore and make daily deliveries to most of the camps. Our eclectic range of goods as well as competitive pricing has made us one of the major suppliers to the retail outlets selling military products at Army market in Singapore. Lastly, we also are supplying independent distributors both locally and abroad.

Apart from our wholesale trade, we have established ourselves as government registered (CIDB) contractors / Supplier of torchlights, bags, gloves, and other items to (STL) ST Logistics Warehouse. We supply commercial as well as standard issued military items to most of the ST Logistics retail outlets.

Mini-Mart Operating Experience
We are very familiar with operating retail outlets in Military camps and commercial premises over the years. We carry a wide range of products and provide many professional and standby services to our population. Based on our many years of experience, we trust that we will be able to work with your good selves to achieve successful business ventures and also to provide our best service to all.

Other Past Experience
Other than being the past operator and current supplier of our local Military Mini Marts, we have and are currently also supplying our backpacks and camping products to local emporiums and shopping centres. We are also actively exporting to countries such as Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Australia and Sri Lanka.


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Our NDP and other Contributions

We are proud to announce that we will be sponsoring again for our Singapore National Day Parade 2018! 




Our International Trademarks

Apart from having our brand trademark in Singapore, we also have trademarks for China, Brunei and Malaysia



We are awarded the Singapore Trusted Enterprise 2017 - 2018 from the Singapore Branding Association

Singapore Trusted Enterprise Certificate















We are also strong supporters of our National Day Parade Sponsorship from the various award ceremonies below


We also partake in road shows if given the chance. Here are some of the pictures below for reference.